shoppanaramicDoing Tattoo, located in Edmonton, Canada, is owned and operated by Severino Estevez. Seve is from Barcelona, Spain and has been tattooing for over 16 years. His style is very recognizable as he loves movement, action and bright colours. Some call his work ‘Neo-Japanese’. The other tattooers include Kat Hays, Ollie S, and Jared Melnychuk.

Kat has been tattooing since 1999. As a 3rd year art major with a certificate in Graphic Design, Kat’s style is very diverse, however she does beautiful black and grey portraiture! Ollie has been tattooing for 14 years across Northern Europe and North America, putting a new approach on Traditional Old School and Japanese tattoos by using strong lines and bold colour. Jared is our home bred Edmontonian who has been tattooing in his unique and diverse style for over four years. He is influenced by a variety of styles including traditional art and tattoo design. We will be doing guest spots so keep an eye on our blog and Facebook for updates.

If you’d like to book an appointment you can do so on our contact page or just come on down and check it out!


11am till 6pm


10573- 114St
Edmonton, AB
T5H 3J6
(587) 521- 3233

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