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7 Tips To Maintain Your Fading Tattoo

Aging – an inevitable consequence of time, yet we do everything in our capacity to limit its effects. From oils, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, makeup, and makeovers, we leave no stones unturned. However, when it comes to our tattoos, we assume they are permanent and will continue to look as appealing as from the first day. Just like our skin ages, our tattoos also began to fade with time.

Tattoos are not new to losing their vibrant colors and hence attractiveness. The fading of your tattoo begins to increase with direct exposure to sunlight, prolonged soaking in water, and aging skin. Below we compile some easy, doable practices that can help you maintain your tattoo and keep it looking fascinating.

Tips For Maintaining Your Tattoo

Gentle Care

This involves moisturizing your tattooed area frequently (at least twice daily) with an unscented moisturizing cream. Or you can ask your professional tattoo artist to recommend a daily ointment or lotion that will best suit your needs. Once you are done with the application, it is better to leave the area bare for some time to allow exposure to the air.

Avoid The Sun

Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight tends to fade your tattoos, especially the colored ones. The UV rays from the sun break up the colored pigments in your tattoos into small particles that are absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence, lightening your tattoo. The best way to prevent this from happening is to apply sunblock to serve as a barrier between the UV rays and tattoo pigments.

Wash With Lukewarm Water

You can’t avoid taking a shower, can you? We wouldn’t want that either. However, to minimize your tattoo fading, it is best to use lukewarm water and liquid soaps of mild intensity when taking a shower.

Avoid Soaking Your tattoo For Too Long

Not soaking your tattoo for too long is essential when your tattoo is new, and the skin is undergoing the healing process. During this process, the tattoo forms a protective covering that may damage if soaked in water. Later, this coverage protects the tattoo from fading, though if still soaked frequently for long intervals, it may be lost, leaving your tattoo exposed.

Follow Your Artist’s Advice

Yes! Indeed, different professional tattoo artists give different advice on how to keep your tattoos from fading. However, it is best to follow your own artist’s instructions. Normally, artists provide leaflets directing on how to take care of your tattoo. If you follow all the instructions on them, your tattoo will look newer longer.

Start Being Kind To Your Skin

Seems vague? How can skin care prevent your tattoo from fading? Healthy skin is better able to cope with wear and tear than dehydrated, parched skin. Healthy skin retains pigments, keeping your tattoos looking vibrant. So, it is time you start caring for yourself. Drink plenty of water, keep your inside hydrated, eat salmon and nuts to get those nutritious loads of fatty acids, and most importantly, get a good night’s sleep (at least 7 hours). Your tattoo will remain as bright as you!

Go For A Touch-Up, IF YOU NEED!

It has almost become a norm to get tattoo touch-ups if your tattoo seems to be fading too quickly. Lots of professional artists offer tattoo touch-ups that will restore your fading art to its original glory all at a reasonable price, so it is never late to get your tattoo fixed. However, it is important to note that it is best if you go to a professional artist for the touch-up.

About Doing Tattoo

Doing Tattoo is an Edmonton based tattoo studio. We have a talented team of tattoo professionals who specialize in different tattoo styles and types. To get your tattoo touched up, contact us today at 825-510-5990.


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