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Basics Of An American Traditional Tattoo Genre

When we talk about tattoos, a lot of designs, colours and abstract art come to mind. Most people who have a tattoo on themselves are not even aware of the genre they chose or the significance behind the tattoo they got on their bodies. This is why you should know about the basics of tattoo genres so you can make a better decision before getting the tattoo you always wanted. Among the most significant and acclaimed tattoo genres is American traditional tattoos. There are some basic characteristics of these tattoo designs that can help someone who has limited knowledge about tattoos to recognize them if they see one.

We want you to know about the basic characteristics of an American traditional tattoo genre so you know a little more what tattoos are all about.

Intensified Designs

American traditional tattoos have some basic aesthetics that make them stand out from a very vast range of tattoo genres. Tattoo genres range from a simple black tattoo to a full-body Japanese art tattoo which is made of rich multiple colours and immense creativity with the finest of details. American tattoos have striking and intense designs that are easy to identify. The old eagle and skull, or a snake and skull are the perfect examples of an American traditional tattoo. A human skull in an American tattoo is intensified by making it look darker and scarier with blood or other features added to it like daggers or arrows.

Realistic Approach

An American traditional tattoo will always be a semi-realistic depiction of an extreme design. It means that even if the human skull is scary and covered with a dangerous reptile, it still remains a human skull. Many fictional or fantasy-based tattoos have no connection with the reality that we perceive in our daily lives. Still, it does not mean that these tattoos are any less creative. Professional tattoo artists create American traditional tattoos that are highly creative with exotic but true to life designs and characteristics.

Sharp & Well Defined

The easiest give away when you’re trying to identify an American traditional tattoo is its sharpness and design definition. There will be no abstraction about it. You will know and understand the tattoo easily when you see one. This is not the case with the Japanese tattoos as they are known to be a fusion between a fantasy-based tattoo with that of a realistic tattoo. An American traditional tattoo will be very clear and very easy to comprehend with fine details being prominent.

Choice In Colours

American traditional tattoos offer a full range of colours to be used in drawing them. There is literally no restriction in creating a highly colourful tattoo as long as it retains the natural aesthetics or characteristics of being realistic. This feature of unlimited colour choice in the American traditional tattoos is perhaps what makes it the favourite of most tattoo lovers, but lots of black is often used.

Historical Significance

American traditional tattoos are old and they have a historical significance that no one can deny. From highly ranked veterans to the most remembered celebrities people who wear these tattoos join an ancient guild of people who stood for their individuality and a cause they held dear to their hearts. Among those causes are patriotism and the identity they wanted to be associated with. All in all, the basic characteristics of an American traditional tattoo helps onlookers to identify them instantaneously.

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