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Characteristics Of Blackwork Tattoo Genre

Blackwork tattoos are the most primal form of tattoos, which we have discovered from ancient history and throughout time. From the earliest civilizations, we have gathered proof that symbolism in the form of tattoos was present even before the ancient Egyptian civilization. The journey of these blackwork tattoos from primal symbolism to sacred rituals has now evolved to the latest fashion trends. Even though the concept of blackwork tattoos remains relative to this date, professional tattoo artists have improved and enhanced the blackwork tattoo arts as time passed. Today, we witness the state of the art equipment that is used to create flawless and lasting blackwork tattoos.

If you want to learn more about the basic characteristics of the blackwork tattoo genre, just read this article.

Historical Significance

Black and white or black and grey tattoos are the oldest forms of body art and tattoos that we know. Experts claim that American traditional tattoos are actually the offshoot of this original tattoo style. Now some of you may know that American traditional tattoos hold their own significance in the history of tattoos. Still, the importance of blackwork tattoos can be realized when we learn that this was the earliest tattoo genre that started the whole body art concept. For thousands of years blackwork tattoos have been given different titles and cultural attachment but the fact remains that they never went out of trend.

Basic Tattoo Styles

Blackwork tattoos are the most versatile and offer a comprehensive range of styles and types. This also means that blackwork tattoos will offer you a maximum choice when you compare them with any other tattoo genre. Blackwork tattoos can be the most simple of tattoos with just an outline, words or calligraphy. However, the same body art can give you the most intricate, complex and detailed designs that can cover your full body or part of your whole body.

Black Tribal Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos hold a significant place for ancient tribal tattoos and religious or culturally affiliated tattoos. Most of this tattoo genre is based upon these tattoo styles, however, modernization has helped tattoo artists to fuse these black tattoos with other tattoo genres. The results are as amazing as you can imagine. Today, we have a never-ending list of tattoos to choose from but the importance of tribal tattoos can never diminish.

Geometrical Precision And Abstract Tattoos

Another characteristic of blackwork tattoos is that they offer simplicity and complexity together. Even though artists may use a single ink colour, the design itself can be so rich and intricate that it makes it impossible to call it simple. The examples of precision-based geometrical designs and abstract art tattoos are perfect here. According to tattoo experts, geometrical themed tattoos, sometimes also called sacred symbolic tattoos, are known to have a deep spiritual meaning behind them.

Quality And Durability

Blackwork tattoos offer considerable benefits if you plan to get one. The quality, for example, of these tattoos is the highest as the tattoo will be drawn with one colour with thick and detailed outlines that do not get vague with time. The durability of these tattoos, therefore, is much higher than colourful tattoos.

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