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Characteristics Of Japanese Full Body Tattoos

When we discuss tattoos or even body art, we cannot ignore the significance of Japanese tattoos. Japanese tattoos have a rich and deep history associated with them. From ancient warlords and criminal gang symbolism, to modern body art and fashion statements, this Japanese style has the most to offer if we study their tattoos. Japanese full body tattoos are considered to be the ultimate commitment when someone decides to get them. These tattoos take an immense amount of time, cost, skillful artists, and most of all patience to proudly wear them and show off.

This post is dedicated to explaining the basic characteristics of the Japanese full-body tattoos genre, in case you’re wondering about getting something like this.

Historical Significance

Japanese tattoos date back to almost 5000 years, this shows how deep and rich its significance is for the people of Japan and the rest of the world combined. Japanese tattoos were first used to mark the criminals of the society, which was then later converted to the symbolism of important personalities in feudal Japan. Japanese tattoos are also closely connected with the ancient martial arts which are still considered to be an iconic part of the Japanese way of life. We can also say that Japanese tattoos are among the few things of Japanese traditions that have made their mark in the world.

Style Basics And Negative Space

The basic style of Japanese tattoos is to create rich and colourful designs that cover the negative space in their masterpieces just like the famous artists of the renaissance era used to do. Most Japanese tattoos focus on detailed characters that are a fusion of realistic and fantasy-based arts. We can also determine these types of tattoos by looking at the physical features of the characters as they will be inclined towards the physical facial features of the people of the region.

Imagery And Traditions

Japanese full body tattoos consist of fantasy-based imagery that showcases the rich history of Japanese culture and tradition. Perhaps, the most recognized imagery of the Japanese tattoo is the dragon. The significance of dragons in the Japanese culture is very prominent, this is why we often see them in tattoos. Apart from that, we can also recognize the rich history of warriors where famous persons are depicted as fantasy-based figures with supernatural characteristics that represent power and a unique way of life. People who intend to get a Japanese tattoo often find themselves overwhelmed as they have to choose from a wide variety of tattoos that fall under the Japanese genre alone.

Legal Issues In Japan

Japan has some serious legal bindings to the people who practice tattoo arts. According to the Japanese government, it is compulsory that a tattoo artist must have the required medical certification to perform tattoo arts and run tattoo parlours. If someone is caught running a tattoo parlour without legal documentation they will have to pay hefty fines and may even face considerable jail time. These strict legal practices were used by the Japanese government to minimize gang participation as tattoos were used to symbolize a particular gang in a certain region of Japan.

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