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Why You Should Get A Tattoo From A Professional Tattoo Shop

Tattoos are a great way to boost your self-esteem and help you find your true and unique identity. However, in the quest of finding yourself, people often make hasty decisions of getting inked at home, all by themselves. Do-it-yourself tattoo projects, no doubt, can be creative, fun, and artistic, but if you’re anything less than a professional, then ‘your fun project’ can turn into your gravest nightmare in no time.

DIY tattoos are beyond just embossing your skin with a print. Self-tattooing at home has many disadvantages and some serious health concerns associated with it. Getting a tattoo, even by an experienced personnel, can sometimes lead to allergic reactions and infections. However, to reduce these risks, tattoos must be performed only by trained and licensed professionals.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should avoid self-tattooing at home:

Lack Of Tattooing Equipment

The proper tattoo equipment is critical to ensure a clean and safe tattoo experience. Since getting a tattoo is an invasive procedure, the equipment one uses to get the ink put inside their skin must properly be sterilized. Unclean and unsterile equipment put you at a greater risk of contracting infectious diseases such as hepatitis A, hepatitis C, AIDS, and other skin diseases.

Moreover, items purchased over the internet may not be of the best quality. For example, low-quality ink purchased from unknown sources can have permanent adverse effects on your skin. Therefore, the best and the safest way to get a tattoo is at a licensed and registered tattoo shop.

Home Tattooing Is Not Regulated

Tattooing itself is a dangerous procedure and requires extensive knowledge and training to ensure a clean and safe procedure. Licensed and experienced professionals, who work from registered tattoo clinics, have the necessary disease prevention and control training to ensure their clients receive the best services. They are also required by law to provide clean and sterile tattooing.

On the other hand, self-tattooing from home is not regulated at all. Amateur tattooists who want to perform home tattoos are mere hobbyists and not experts. They lack training and experience and are not required by the law to practice safe tattooing. Moreover, the lack of sterile needles and autoclave services makes the process extraordinarily unsafe and unprotected. Tattoo salons offer a painless and disease-free experience along with post-tattoo maintenance tips and tricks.

Health Risks Of Home Tattooing

Tattoos breach and pierce the skin, which means skin problems and other health complications are very much possible. However, performing your tattoo at home puts you at a greater risk of:

  1. Developing bacterial infections on your skin such as golden staph or cutaneous tuberculosis.

  2. Contracting viral infections due to unsterile equipment such as hepatitis A, hepatitis C, or HIV.

  3. Developing long-term health effects due to poor quality ink and equipment.

  4. Scarring from skin infections or a poor tattooing procedure.

  5. Poor tattoo procedures can also lead to allergic reactions, skin inflammations, and other possible skin infections such as impetigo and herpes simplex.

Effects of these complications and health problems can be exhausting and life-long. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions and choose an experienced and licensed tattoo artist to do your tattoo. Tattoo clinics have expertise in providing their clients with the best designs and artistry, along with safe and secure procedures. They also offer aftercare tattoo tips to ensure your tattoo lasts longer and does not become the cause of a health concern.

Try Doing Tattoo

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