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Seve is not an easy guy. His honesty and his way of looking at things haven't always made him friends. And the same goes for his style, whether you like or not, you will take pleasure in something different and unforgettable.

The influences are the ones that leave the strongest mark on the direction that the style of an artist will take. For Seve graffiti was that influence. In his search for the perfect harmony, he has fled from the early chaos and confusion , and is strongly gaining ground with the influences from Japanese and Pre - Columbian art, the latter a result of his time in Peru.

The plain backgrounds without color allow the highlighting of a leading image to be richly drawn, without making the final result too heavy. HIs tattoos continue to present this energy and optimism: symphonies in each you can listen t o each instrument with perfectly clarity, but when player together your hear something whole and complete.

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