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Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a time full of excitement and fear. You have so many questions about it, and fears may stop you from getting one. It may be more difficult for someone who has no friends who have gotten tattooed before.

Doing Tattoo does an amazing job when it comes to different tattoo styles while considering your safety. We will gladly answer your concerns if you have any before you get your tattoo done.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every shop charges differently. Therefore, there is no fixed price for a tattoo. However, you would have to pay a good amount of money if you want to get a high-quality tattoo. The tattoo price may vary, depending on the amount of work required and your vendor’s craftsmanship.

Settling with a cheap vendor can cost you in terms of design, quality, and safety. That You will probably want to have covered up later on.

Does It Hurt To Get A Tattoo?

This is the most common question asked by those intending to get a tattoo. This is because they have seen people poke a needle into someone’s skin. That creates a fear of pain in their minds. We won’t give you false hope. It does hurt a little, but it depends on your pain tolerance level.

It also depends on the areas you are getting a tattoo, such as the inside of arms, ankles, or outer shoulders. Some people who have experienced what it is like to get a tattoo often describe it as a hot scratching feeling. Numbing creams are not recommended for use before the tattoo. They may cause allergic reactions to your skin.

Is It Sanitary To Have A Tattoo?

Tattooing is similar to a medical procedure. The needles used in the process puncture the skin and deposit the ink into dermis. Therefore they must be cleaned; otherwise, they can cause severe allergic reactions. Each shop must be checked with health agencies.

When it comes to equipment, they are pre-packaged and pre-sterilized. All machines and clip cords are covered in plastic wraps. The artist also wears gloves and a mask before coming near a client. So it is a sanitary procedure.

How Long Is The Tattooing Procedure?

This depends on the design you want to get, the experience of the artist, and patience. Tattooing is a procedure involving patience. There should be no rush to get it done faster as results won’t be as good as you thought they should be.

A piece of the size of your hand with an average complexity should not take more than two hours. But, a more complex and large design can take up to ten hours. A full arm can also take up to fifty hours. Thus, it depends on the design and expertise of the artist.

How Long Does A Tattoo Take To Heal?

The tattoo healing process is dependent on several factors. It depends on your healing capability as well as seasonal changes. Many artists say that crucial time starts from getting a tattoo to up to 6 weeks. The healing process takes place during this period.

Avoid doing anything harmful to your tattooed area during this period. Protect it from heat, sunlight, and avoid using harmful creams.

Can We Remove Tattoos?

Older tattoos are easier to remove. Laser removal is one of the most effective and cost-friendly methods to have a tattoo removed. You will have to come for multiple sessions for complete removal of a tattoo. Surgical removal is also another method that is cheaper than laser removal. However, it will leave a scar on your skin and is suitable for small-sized tattoos.

Other options are dermabrasions and using tattoo removal creams.

Several factors can affect your tattoo removal process and make it difficult such as:

  1. Any pre-existing skin disease such as eczema

  2. Darker skin

  3. A condition affecting the skin such as herpes

Getting a tattoo design depends on personal choice. There are varying choices for every person and on different parts of the body. Make sure to go to a reputable tattoo shop that has apprenticeships, such as Doing Tattoo. Also, take care of your tattoo afterward to avoid any allergic reactions.


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