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Things To Avoid After Getting A New Tattoo

Receiving a new tattoo is, no doubt, an exciting time for tattoo lovers. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your skin inked for the first time or have done it many times before, getting a new tattoo is like a fresh start. Each new tattoo is a unique piece of art that will stay with you forever.

Many people take much-needed time to research a reliable tattoo artist and what preparations they should make before their first appointment. Unfortunately, very few individuals do the same amount of due diligence and take necessary steps after they get their tattoo.

Speaking from experience, here are some things you should avoid doing after receiving your fresh tattoo:

Taking The Bandage Off Too Early

Most clients are too quick to take the protective bandage off of their skin in a bid to show off their freshly-inked skin to their loved ones. The level of excitement is so significant that they even forget about the fact that they have an open wound on their bodies, which are increasingly susceptible to infections.

Good tattoo artists take much time to carefully bandage the area of the skin that has been tattooed and advise their clients to leave the bandage on the skin for a minimum of 2 hours. That’s why a significant amount of care has to be taken when you receive a fresh new tattoo, and one must not take the bandage off of the skin too early.

Rewrapping the Tattooed Skin

Even after removing the bandage at the right time, some people believe their skin still hasn’t healed, so they put the bandage back on the tattooed skin. Once you have removed the wrapping, keep it off and don’t place it back on your tattooed surface.

After the removal of wrapping, it’s time to let the tattoo breathe so that the healing process may start. Rewrapping the skin will lead to entrapping moisture, which will result in bacterial growth, ultimately leading to a skin infection. That’s why the tattoo specialists always advise their clients to let the tattoo take time to heal after removing the bandage.

Using Aftercare Products Excessively

It doesn’t matter if you’re using trusted ointments or commercially formulated aftercare products, pay close attention to the amount of the product you are utilizing over the course of an average day. Using too much lotion or vaseline will lead to tattoo suffocation, promoting the growth of bacteria on the tattooed part of your body.

To avoid skin infection, apply the product in thin layers on the tattooed skin two times a day for 3 to 5 days approximately. Make sure you use the aftercare gel on dried skin only.

Facing Too Much Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight should be avoided for a tattooed part of the skin at all times. It doesn’t matter if the tattoo is new or old; you have to take precautions in preventing direct contact with sunlight as it can result in severe tattoo damage, including fading and bleaching. When you expose your fresh tattoo to sunlight for too long, it could even blister. For this reason, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to avoid tattoos from fading.

Some Other Important Things To Avoid

In addition to the things described above, the following are also some of the essential things you should avoid doing to your fresh tattoo:

  1. Don’t use sponges on the tattooed skin while bathing and showering

  2. Avoid rubbing the tattooed skin roughly to dry off the skin after showering

  3. Avoid swimming for at least three to four weeks

  4. Don’t work out intensely to avoid moisture build-up

  5. Don’t shave the tattooed body part for at least a month

  6. Avoid using scented soaps; instead, use antibacterial soaps for a couple of weeks

  7. Don’t wear skinny jeans and overly tight clothes for the first 2 weeks

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