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Top Tips To Avoid Tattoo Infection

Tattooing is a professional job that’s best left to expert tattoo artists. It’s an increasingly delicate process that demands many skills. If not performed correctly, a poorly done tattoo can not only alter your skins’ appearance but can also potentially cause a serious infection.

From the pre-procedure consultation to the actual tattooing process to tattoo aftercare, utmost caution must be observed to prevent bacterial infections. A new tattoo opens up your skin, you must think of your fresh ink as an open wound, and treat it with great care.

Many people experience tattoo infections due to the procedure followed by an inexperienced tattoo artist or because of irresponsible tattoo aftercare. After getting your skin inked, it’s vital to take good care of it till it is completely healed.

The best tattoo artists will always provide you with some specific and detailed instructions on how to take good care of your new tattoo. Many tattoo masters will give you ointment applications until you can get more supplies of your own from a drugstore.

However, aftercare’s essential aspect is to understand the potential problems you may face like infections, skin keloids, and rashes. That’s why it’s highly significant to educate yourself on ‘what ifs’ so you can take adequate precautions to avoid them entirely.

Take Adequate Precautions

To ensure your tattoo will be applied safely by your tattoo artists, ask the following questions:

Who Will Be Performing My Tattoo?

Visit a reputable tattoo shop in your area that employs only well-trained and experienced tattoo artists. Also, keep in mind that the licensing standards and regulatory requirements vary from one province to another. Always check with your provincial health department for more information on local regulations and licensing before finalizing your next tattoo artist.

Do The Tattoo Artists Wear Gloves?

Ensure that your next tattoo artist washes their hands before performing your tattoo and wears a fresh pair of protective gloves during each tattooing procedure.

Do The Tattoo Artists Use Appropriate Equipment?

Ensure that your next tattoo artist removes tubes and needles from sealed packages before starting your tattooing procedure. Any pigments, containers, or trays should be unused as well.

Do The Tattoo Artists Sterilize Non-Disposable Equipment?

Ensure that your next tattoo artist utilizes an autoclave (heat-sterilization) machine to sterilize the non-disposable equipment before each procedure.

Take Great Care Of Your Tattoo

How you care for your fresh tattoo depends on the kind of tattoo and the extent of work that was done on your skin. However, you’ll need to follow these guidelines to ensure you take good care of your tattoo:

Keep Your Tattooed Skin Clean

After you get a new tattoo, it’s best to keep it clean to avoid contamination and infection. Utilize a mixture of soap and water and apply it on your tattooed skin with a gentle touch. Avoid direct streams of water on your skin while showering and don’t rub the area with force.

Use Moisturizer Daily

Apply a mild moisturizer on your tattooed skin several times a day to prevent your skin from drying.

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

Keep your newly tattooed skin out of the sun for at least the first few weeks to avoid burning the delicate skin and fading your new tattoo.

Avoid Swimming

Stay out of lakes, pools, tubs, and other forms of water while your tattoo is healing.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Avoid wearing clothes that stick to the tattooed part of your skin.

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