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Which Tattoo Design Is Best For You

Once you have decided to wear a tattoo, you may wonder what type of tattoo you should select for yourself. This blog is about some of the most famous tattoo ideas from the past and the trending ideas for tattoos that you can choose from.

Traditional Tattoos

If you prefer tradition over modernism, traditional tattoos are for you. These types of tattoos are old school tattoos with bold lines and bright colors which give your tattoo a lively and bold look. Choosing to wear a traditional tattoo gives your personality a seasoned, mature, and classy look.

Realistic Tattoos

The second type of tattoo is one that reflects reality. These tattoos are also known as realistic tattoos. If you don’t like fantasies and want your tattoo to show something that exists in the world, a realistic tattoo would be perfect for you. It might be a black and white or grey sketch of a person in your life.

These tattoos enable you to have the exact representation of a person’s portrait. This was not possible before, but thanks to advancements in ink and tattoo machines, your local tattoo shops are now able to draw exact replicas of photos of your loved ones.

Water-Color Tattoos

Refresh your childhood painting memories by wearing a water-color tattoo on your body. Water-color tattoos look just like water-color paintings. It’s one of the most famous styles of tattooing among younger tattoo enthusiasts. It’s a new and fresh style that has introduced a more youth loving variety in the tattoo industry. These tattoos are not heavy on the eyes and are quite interesting to look at.

Tribal Tattoos

If you want to show other people that you belong to a specific tribe or group of people, you can by selecting tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos are based on the signs and symbols which are related to your tribe. It shows your belonging and affiliation with your tribe and allows you to share it with other people as part of your identity. It makes you stand out from the crowd and gives yourself an identity of your own.

New School Tattoos

There has been a shift in tattoo designs to a new approach known as a new school tattoo. If you like to stick with old school designs, you can always choose a new school tattoo design. This style is cartoonish and wacky in nature and is based on caricatures and imaginative figures that do not exist in reality.

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

The world of tattoos also has experienced evolution over time. Traditional styles were transformed when neo-traditional tattoos emerged to be the new talk of the town. Tattoo lovers were given more options to choose from and had a chance to experiment with newly adapted designs and approaches resulting in the longevity of tattoo art.

Blackwork Tattoos

Is a style that consists of tattoos made only with black ink. There is no limitation on design or themes, it’s a very broad category of tattoos so you can have any design made with the black color.

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