Doing Tattoo

February 7, 2020

When we talk about tattoos, a lot of designs, colours and abstract art come to mind. Most people who have a tattoo on themselves are not even aware of the genre they chose or the significance behind the tattoo they got on their bodies. This is why you should know about the basics of tattoo … Continue reading “Basics Of An American Traditional Tattoo Genre”

January 28, 2020

Most of us have some unique mark on our bodies. It can be natural or it can occur due to an accident or a chronic illness. Whatever the reason for that scar on your body may be, tattoo artists of today have the vision and the appropriate tools that can turn them into artistic masterpieces. … Continue reading “How To Turn Body Scars Into Tattoo Masterpieces”

January 22, 2020

Body art has been around since the very first human civilizations. It was in Egypt that the concept of body art and tattoos became culturally significant and became a practice that had a deep meaning behind it. Japanese culture also used symbols to represent various social, cultural, professional and personal attributes of an individual on … Continue reading “Significance Of Tattoos And Body Art Over Time”

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